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At the Division of Distance and Online Education, we are committed to your online journey. We work with faculty to develop engaging online learning environments that meet your academic needs. If you are visiting this page, it most likely means you are considering becoming an online student. This page will provide you some tips for online success, a self-check quiz for your online readiness, and resources for your online success. Are you ready for your online journey?  


Tips for Online Success!

Online Learning Often Provides:


After watching Tips for Online Success, do you think that you are ready to take an online course? Complete our short quiz to see if online learning is right for you. Click on the link below.

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Skills to Consider


Online resources are available and easily accessible for teaching and learning activities. Here, we provide you with essential skills and resources to help you build success in the online educational environment.

Course Home Page

You need to have some fundamental knowledge of computer, Internet, and web skills such as using emails, searching learning resources on web, navigating courses in the Learning Management System (e.g., ICON). You will be communicating with your instructor, your peers, and the course materials via emails, discussion threads, modules, and video conferencing feature. You will be uploading and downloading materials (e.g., word, pdf, audio, and video files) from the course site. In summary, having good technical skills importantly contributes your successful online learning. Below are highlights of the resources for technical skills. [Create a link jumping directly to the Technical Skills Section below] or

Technical Skill Resources:

Web and Computer Skills:

Share Documents and Collaborative Tools

Bookmark sites:

How to navigate Canvas:

Taking an online course may be your new experience. Don’t be panic! You may know that there are some similarities and differences between face-to-face and online courses. However, one important thing you need to know is that the instructor is not physically present in the online course. Therefore, you have to take responsibility for your learning. You need to know how to exploit and get benefits from different learning resources and support, such as the Tutoring Center, the Library, the Lab, the ITS HELP Desk, and so on from the university. Also, you need to know how to use proper Apps or Software for your online learning success. We would like to provide you some resources for your academic skills.

Academic Skills Resources

Study Skills can also be considered your internal factors leading to your online learning success. Every student has different learning styles for their learning success, and it is also true in the online learning environment. As an online student, you need to know how to manage your learning time, how to set studying goals and plans for your learning success, and how to communicate effectively with the instructor and peers via the course site features to complete all course requirements. The video on “Tips for Online Learning Success” provides helpful tips and strategies for your online learning success. You can also find resources for study skills below.

Study Skill Resources: