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Distance and Online Education Open House

Distance and Online Education Open House 2019


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Distance and Online Education Open House

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

2:00 - 4:30 p.m.

250 CEF


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For this year's open house, the teams at DOE have prepared informational sessions to provide you with practical solutions for your online course. Get an inside look at our facilities and learn more about our services. See detailed descriptions of each session and a schedule below.

The State of Online at UIOWA

Room 201 (2:00)

Start the DOE Open House with the State of Online at UIOWA. Learn how Distance and Online Education supports the efforts to expand UIOWA's online programs amid the national context of distance and online education.

Demystifying Online Discussions 

Room 204 (2:30 & 3:30)

Creating engaging online discussion activities is one of the greatest challenges in online learning. In this short session, we will unpack the recipe for discussion activities that not only result in deep learning but in vibrant and meaningful conversations. 

The Proactive Plan for Online Communication

Room 204 (3:00 & 4:00)

A secret to success in online course facilitation is having a solid plan for communicating consistently with your students. But, how can this be accomplished on top of our already busy schedules? Learn how to put together an effective communication plan that will keep your students engaged in your course content and how you can vary and automate these communications to save you time.

Top-Tier Educational Media

Room 212 (2:30, 3:00, 3:30 & 4:00)

Demonstrating the technology that drives our top-tier educational media as well as the training and support offered to staff and faculty. We’ll be covering several of the options available to you in our studios.

Delivering Secure Exams

Room 234 (2:30 & 3:30)

Maintaining the integrity of summative assessments built in the ICON Quizzes tool is an achievable goal. There are several elements that instructors can put to use including question format, ICON settings, a secure environment, and proctoring. DOE Exam Services can provide you with tips to put any or all of those elements to work for your course.

Why Proctorio?

Room 234 (3:00 & 4:00)

Learn how and why we identified Proctorio as a viable proctoring solution for online quizzes and exams in Distance and Online Education courses. Proctorio is a remote proctoring service, which is fully integrated into ICON, that creates video and audio recordings of exam and quiz sessions. Immediately following each exam or quiz attempt, recordings are available for review in ICON with any suspicious activity flagged.

Marketing - Begin with the End in Mind

Room 213 (2:30 & 3:30)

You’ve developed a new course and it’s great, but who is your audience? In this presentation, learn why it’s important to consider your potential audience before you start. Discover some of the barriers to successful marketing, and learn how to make the most of the resources available to you to develop a marketing plan.

Open House Schedule 2019

Previous DOE event (highlights):


Faculty exploring the media studio

Above: Faculty exploring the media studio which includes green screen and light board capabilities. 

Faculty learning about instructional design for online

Above: The instructional design room featuring new workshops and training, research findings, and online course design best practices. 

faculty learning about course administration and marketing

Above: Faculty learning about course administration and course marketing. 

Faculty learning about exam services in our testing center

Above: Faculty could try taking proctored tests in our exam services testing center.