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Email to make arrangements for proctored exams. Exam Services will need to know the following details about your exams:

  • type of exams you will use (ICON or paper-based)
  • duration of each exam
  • materials allowed for each exam
  • dates for each exam.

How much support DOE Exam Services provides to instructors who use online ICON exams varies based upon instructor preferences. Our staff can provide as much, or as little, guidance and assistance as needed. The development process outlined below is modified based on each instructor’s comfort level in ICON.  

Step 1: Send exam questions with the correct answers indicated. In addition, send:

  • Exam duration in minutes
  • Directions for the exam and/or for the exam sections
  • Point values of each question
  • Order of the questions (Can/should questions be grouped or randomized?)
  • High-quality images, audio files, or videos (if needed)
  • Words/phrases that should be bold, underlined, or italicized

Step 2: 


Second, a proof copy will be built in ICON. This proof copy is only visible to the Instructor. The Instructor will need to carefully review the questions, answers, point values, and appearance in the proof copy. Any questions or problems with the proof copy should be communicated to Exam Services as soon as possible. This stage could require more than one revision by the Instructor.


Third, the final version of the proof copy is used to build the exams in ICON. Exams require specific settings in ICON to ensure security both when proctored at the Iowa City Test Center and when proctored via Proctorio (remote proctoring). Due to the difference in security settings at the Iowa City Test Center and Proctorio, Exam Services will create two identical versions of the exam - one for each location. Students will take the version of the exam based on their testing location. Gradebook restrictions are put in place so that only the exam the student completed counts as a grade.

For information about paper exam proctoring, SDS Accommodations, or make-up exams, please visit our website ( or contact Exam Services (

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