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DOE Exam Services proctors exams at our North Campus Test Center for

  • students who are eligible for extended time,
  • students who are eligible for reduced distraction,
  • students who need to complete a make-up exam,
  • students completing a non-University of Iowa exam. 


Getting Started

  • Instructors who teach an on-campus/face-to-face course may request a proctored exam for their student(s). Get started by clicking the link below:
  • Students/instructors requesting a proctored exam for a non-University of Iowa course should contact


Additional Details

Exam Services requests that student(s) should be scheduled at least 3 business days prior to the exam. Instructors must include all necessary information when filling out the Proctored Exam Request Form. This includes names, accurate email addresses, any materials allowed, exam duration, preferred exam dates and times, passwords, online exam location, special information, and how exams should be returned. Please fill out one Proctored Exam Request Form per student and per exam. Please note that for exams completed online we cannot proctor computer usage; we recommend using Respondus Lockdown browser and a password to secure your exam.

After submitting the request, an email confirmation is sent to both the student's email address and the instructor's email address. A link is then provided to the instructor to upload a copy of a paper exam. We accept exams by upload, email or in person. If the exam is on paper, our preference is to receive the exam with the instructions, a list of materials allowed, and any aids (for example charts or tables) in a single document.

Typically, completed paper exams will be scanned and emailed to the instructor named on the Proctored Exam Request Form. Some paper exams require the use of a scantron sheet to record answers (shown below) and other paper exams require the use of a bluebook to record essays. Instructors using scantrons, bluebooks, or any other testing resource should provide those to Exam Services. Scantrons and bluebooks will need to be picked up by instructors after completion as these items cannot be scanned and emailed. We do have, by request, a full page paper bubble sheet and lined paper essay booklets both of which can be easily scanned and returned via email. Any exam files which are shared with us are destroyed once return receipt is acknowledged or 10 days has passed.

Students who are eligible for accommodations beyond extended time and/or reduced distraction should test at Student Disability Services, which is located in the lower level of Burge Hall. DOE cannot provide any accommodations such as downloading or installing programs/files, access to screen readers, access to food or drink, frequent breaks, access to a scribe, etc. Please verify on the student's SDS accommodation letter whether or not a student has accommodations which should be administered at the SDS offices.Contact for more details. Exam Services staff are available Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.


Locations and Seating


Hours of Operation

Proctors are typically available 9:00am - 9:00pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00am - 4:00pm on Fridays.

  • Limited proctoring hours available when classes are not in session.
  • No proctoring available on designated University of Iowa holidays.
    • See calendar for dates of Midterms, Finals, breaks, and designated holidays.

NOTE: Hours listed above are subject to change. Please contact with any questions.