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Instructors of Distance and Online Education courses often consider using exams as a heavily weighted assessment tool. If you have decided to use exams, the next step is to consider whether the exams should be proctored or non-proctored. As you develop a new course with the iDev Team, they can guide you towards the right choice for your course.

Non-proctored exams are exams which are completed unsupervised. These exams are generally completed online via ICON. Students can complete these assessments from home. They are relatively easy to administer, students can take them at their convenience, and there is no need to make arrangements for a proctor. However, there is a risk that the student could get outside help.

Non-proctored exams are supported by the course administration team. Please contact for more details.

Proctored exams are exams which are completed with supervision. The controlled environment created by supervised exams allows proctors to verify the identity of the student and prevent the use of unauthorized aids or tools. These exams can be completed online via ICON or on paper. Conventionally, on-campus Instructors proctor exams; however, we offer three proctoring options for our online Instructors and students: 

  • Proctors can deliver both ICON-based online exams and paper-based exams at the Iowa City Test Centers
  • Students taking an online exam can use the remote proctoring service Proctorio on a personal computer.
  • Students taking paper exams can have paper exams sent to any approved Off Campus Test Center.

Proctored exams are supported by the Exam Services Team. Please contact for more details.