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Fall 21 Faculty Development Program.

Why online

Here at Distance and Online Education, we strive to increase access to the University of Iowa beyond the physical borders of campus. In partnership with university colleges and departments, we provide high quality academic courses to both traditional and nontraditional students using a variety of locations, schedules and technologies.

Having a strategic online presence reflects the University of Iowa’s commitment to engage with contemporary trends in education.

  • With online education, the University of Iowa can provide learning opportunities for transfer, returning and place‑bound students.
  • Online education allows on‑campus students flexibility in their schedules as well as the opportunity to take courses from the University of Iowa while they are home for the summer.
  • Online courses allow faculty to explore new teaching strategies and course redesign benefiting both on‑ and off‑campus students.
  • Teaching online provides faculty flexibility for professional development, conferences or research travel while maintaining teaching responsibilities.

What we do

Online course administration

Course coordinators assist faculty and department administrators with course‑related issues for Distance and Online Education courses.

More about course administration

Instructional design

Our iDev team assists instructors with planning and development of course processes and instructional materials.

More about instructional design

Media development

We put the technology in place to capture your course content in an effective and dynamic manner.

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Exam services

Exam services staff coordinate all phases of the exam process.

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Library services

Our Distance Education librarian can help you incorporate library resources and help into your course.​

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How to teach online

  1. Propose your idea
    to your department

    Meet with your DEO and ensure you have departmental support to offer your course online.

  2. Contact DOE
    to get started

    Contact Distance and Online Education to begin developing your online course.

  3. Meet with DOE staff
    as needed

    As you develop your online course, meet with DOE staff on a weekly or monthly basis for support and guidance.

  4. Receive on‑going support
    from DOE

    Your Course Coordinator & Instructional Designer provide support as you are teaching and discuss changes to your course for future offerings.