Decide if you will create on-camera media  

Creating pre-recorded lecture content for your students? Consider whether you want to be on camera. What is the benefit to the viewer? Will you be demonstrating activities or modeling behaviors?

Prepare to record on camera 

Consider setting, wardrobe and lighting

  • When we see people on camera we also see their environment. Whether it is an office, a living room or any other setting, think about what you are showing your audience.
  • What you wear is also part of what you are showing the audience. Consider if you will always present yourself in professional attire, or if there is a time to be dressed casually. Some fabric patterns display a Moiré effect when captured on video, so do your best to avoid fine patterns, checks and fine stripes.
  • Finally, make sure that we can see you and your face clearly. To help with this, take the time to ensure adequate lighting on your face and avoid situations where you are lit from behind, giving a halo effect.

Prepare to record with the lightboard

Engaging Digital Media

Request media services or full course development support.