Distance and Online

Find resources available to online students

As an online instructor, you may want to learn about the resources available to online students at Iowa located on our Distance and Online Education site.

Student Orientation and Success

Key online learning resources available to students on the Distance and Online site are listed for your reference here.

Online Learning Success

Online education requires your students to plan ahead and take ownership of their learning. Encourage them to build online learning skills to get the most out of their experience.

Sample Online Course

Online courses are designed to help engage and orient students to the online environment. We provide a small course snapshot so students can get a feel for the common features found in an online course.

Proctored Exams

Online courses may include virtual or in-person proctored exams. Find out more about the online proctored exam resources and tools provided for your online students at Iowa.

Technical Support

Online students access, engage in, and complete courses using technology. Confirming the tools and technology needed for each course are available and working is an important part of online learning success.

Online Students