Customizable message for questionable behavior detected during an exam.


Sample Message to Students

Dear ___,

I am writing to make you aware of concerns raised from your [Exam Name] Honorlock recording, which was flagged with a high suspicion level. I’ve reviewed the video and the high suspicion level appears to be triggered by [insert behavior(s)].

Please be sure to complete future exams in a well-lit, quiet and private location. Before beginning your exam, slowly scan the room with your computer so the video clearly shows the room—including your desk surface. As you know from my exam announcement, questionable behavior during an exam will result in a [insert penalty].

Finally, it is important that I be able to see you throughout the entire exam and that you keep your attention on the monitor so that I can feel confident you are not using unapproved resources while completing future online exams.

Exam Misconduct Email Template

DOE Exams

For questions about exam misconduct,
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