Customizable message for flagged exams when misconduct is not detected.

Sample Message to Students

Dear ___,

I am writing to make you aware of concerns raised from your [Exam Name] Honorlock recording, which was flagged with a high suspicion level. I’ve reviewed the video and the high suspicion level appears to be triggered by [behavior]. I do not believe you committed misconduct, and I’m writing to remind you to take the following steps for future exams to ensure success with online proctoring.

  • Select a well-lit, quiet, and private location with a clean work surface.
  • Exit from all online chat rooms; turn off your cell phone; and put all books, notes, and mobile devices away. Earbuds are not allowed, and hats should be removed.
  • Before beginning your exam, present your student ID and slowly scan the testing area with your computer so the video clearly shows the room—including your desk.
  • Keep your focus on the monitor so that there is a high level of confidence that unapproved resources are not being used while completing online exams.
  • Progress through the exam questions with attentiveness, as if you have a live proctor in the room, and stay on the full-size testing screen until finished. Then, click the Submit Quiz button before exiting the system.

Exam Misconduct Email Template

DOE Exams

For questions about exam misconduct,
call 319-384-4800 or email