Student-to-content, student-to-instructor, and student-to-student interaction are fundamental pieces of an effective online course.

What makes a great online course?

  1. Create an engaging online experience that allows students to easily navigate course content
  2. Ensure that students identify and achieve course learning outcomes through the course content and assessments
  3. Cultivate a course community that encourages interaction between students and their instructor, students and their peers, and students and course content

While every course is unique, extensive research-based evidence has identified items that help make a course successful. Listed below in the Core Components table you see items that give students a concrete orientation to the course material, expectations, and structure, and provide context for learning. The Exemplar Components table includes examples that go above and beyond with a focus on student engagement and effective learning strategies. 

Core Online Components
Exemplary Online Course Components

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Core Online Course Components      Exemplar Online Course Components