Learn how your students can complete exams from home.

Honorlock at Iowa

Distance and Online Education has been using a virtual proctoring tool since 2015. Virtual proctoring means that exams are available for your students online and on-demand within your designated testing window. Your students will not need to make an exam appointment at a test center.

If you have students who live far from the Iowa City test centers or non-traditional students, a virtual proctoring platform gives them the flexibility to test when and where they can. If you have students in need of reduced distraction, they can complete exams in an environment of their choosing.

Proctoring in three simple steps

  1. DOE will help create the online exam in ICON and set the proctoring features.
  2. Students complete a 60-second verification process and then, begin the exam.
  3. DOE reviews exam results and sends reports to the instructor.

Help your students get started

Prepare your students for using proctored online exams by doing the following: 

Students can get technical support during the exam. They can either click on the bubble in the bottom right corner of the exam or by clicking on the words "Live Chat" found underneath the exam timer. Likewise, students can get assistance before an exam by visiting Honorlock support or clicking on the bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Looking for more information to share with your students? Visit the Honorlock for students page.

How Honorlock Works

Learn about system requirements for Honorlock use and recommended proctoring settings for online exams at Iowa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Coming soon! Find the answers to the most common questions about Honorlock.

For now, please visit the Honorlock website for answers to many questions your students will have.

Experience Honorlock

Enter the training site to take an exam as if you were a student. 

NOTE: At this time, Honorlock is available only to sections with the online delivery mode in MAUI. If your section does not have the online delivery mode and you wish to use Honorlock, please contact doe-exams@uiowa.edu for information on how your department can cover fees associated with Honorlock usage.


For other questions about Honorlock, call 319-384-4800 or email doe-exams.