How to make a proctored exam request.


Step 1

First, add the Proctored Exams Portal to your ICON site.

Step 2

Next, add exam details to the portal.

Step 3

Finally, add details about proctored exams to your syllabus, ICON announcements, and more.

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Having a clear understanding of what drives the Proctored Exams Portal (PEP) makes adding a new proctored exam request to the portal a smooth process. Here are three tips to get you started:

  • Know your delivery mode in MAUI
  • Know your exam audience
  • Choose an appropriate exam window

Delivery mode in MAUI

Know your section's delivery mode in MAUI, meaning the MAUI label which identifies how a section is taught. Delivery modes in MAUI include in-person, course exchange, online, hybrid, and individualized experience. In-person sections receive basic exam support only, meaning there will be limitations on the types of proctored exam requests which can be made. Online and hybrid sections are eligible for full exam support and will have a wider range of proctored exam support available, including access to our virtual proctor, Honorlock.

Exam audience

Know your exam audience (individual vs. all students). Exam audience will determine who can schedule for the exam. Sections with the online or hybrid delivery mode will be able to select all students while sections with any other delivery mode will be limited to an individual audience.

Exam window

Select an appropriate exam window. The exam window affects when and where students can schedule and directly affects students with accommodations.

PEP User Guide

The user guide defines the fields, buttons, and menus found throughout the Proctored Exams Portal. Click on the link below to enter the guide and find a definition.

User Guide


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